Welcome to the Iowa Medical and Classification Center Home Page. We hope this web site may provide some helpful information for you. We intend to develop this site so it can be of service to the general public, offender family members and friends, students, and other corrections professionals.

IMCC is unique among the Iowa prisons in a number of ways. We serve as the single point of reception for all offenders, male and female, who are sentenced to serve a prison sentence in Iowa. We have the only licensed, inpatient mental health unit within the Department of Corrections. We opened a new building that houses a modern medical facility as well as additional celled units for special needs offenders.

In 2007 we expanded our staff numbers significantly when we opened our new building. We are continually looking for talented people, especially in the health care professions and security areas, to join our family of corrections professionals. We will be updating this web site regularly with more information about those employment opportunities as it becomes available.

So, browse this site to learn more about us and check back occasionally to see what is new with IMCC.