Core Values

We believe:

• In the value of honesty, integrity and transparency throughout our organization.
• Staff is to model the kind of behavior we expect to see demonstrated by our offenders.
• Offenders are sent to prison as punishment, not for punishment.
• Rules and discipline are about managing, teaching and effecting change; and, they must be driven by evidence-based practices in the field.
• The focus must be on continuous improvement in our day-to-day problem solving, as we strive to be proactive and oriented toward the future.
• In our staff operating as a team, where all ideas and contributions are respected.

IMCC Mission Statement

The mission of the Iowa Medical and Classification Center (IMCC): To Advance Successful Offender Reentry to Protect the Public, Staff and Offenders from Victimization.


To be the leader in creating a safer Iowa, with no more victims, by providing excellence in classification, medical and mental health, security, treatment and successful reentry through evidence- based practices.