Hospice Program - Project HOPE
(Hospice of Oakdale Providing End-of-Life Care)

In January 2002, IMCC established the first Prison Hospice Program in Iowa. Project HOPE was developed to provide quality end-of-life services for the increasing number of terminally ill offenders in the Iowa DOC. The program provides comfort oriented care and spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological support to terminally offenders and allows them to die with dignity and humanity, in as little pain as possible, and in a hospice setting rather than alone in a cell, infirmary bed, or hospital room.

The program was developed and implemented by IMCC staff with the support and assistance of the local Iowa City Community Hospice Program. Trained Hospice offender volunteers provide the ongoing support and comfort care of end-of-life services to other terminally ill offenders.

A Hospice fund was established utilizing money that is generated by the IMCC offender car wash. Additional donations have also been received from staff, the local community and offender families to help provide financial resources for the operation of the hospice room. No state funding is used for this program.