Reception Program

The purpose of the first addition to the original facility that was completed and opened in September 1984 was to coordinate all DOC reception activities at one location. As a result, IMCC receives all new male DOC commitments (female commitments are recieved at the Iowa Correctional Institue for Women in Mitchellville, Iowa). The DOC also receives OWI offenders who are waiting for beds in community residential facilities.

The reception process for new offenders includes accomplishment of essential intake activities, initiation of the central offender record, comprehensive health screening and necessary health services, basic orientation to Iowa’s correctional system, and other assessments such as psychological/psychiatric and educational.

At the conclusion of the reception program offenders receive their initial classification and institutional assignment based on demographic information, assessment results, custody level, and program needs of the offender. The Reception Center’s transportation section then completes the transfer of the offender to the assigned institution.